What's New at Credible Catholic

What's New at Credible Catholic

There are so many exciting opportunities ahead of us to turn the rising tide of unbelief through rational and scientific evidence for God, Jesus, the soul, the Catholic Church, and her moral teaching. These include the opportunities to: 

  • Provide more teachers the knowledge and confidence to teach contemporary science-based apologetics through the Master Teacher Program 
  • Offer a senior elective apologetics course in Catholic Schools
  • Bring forth modules on the evidence for God, Jesus, the soul, and the Church for all middle school age levels
  • Deliver a new set of videos on evidence for God, Jesus, and the Catholic Church aimed for confirmation and catechetical classes 

All of these programs are designed to give our students sufficient rational evidence to avoid joining the 42% of young people leaving the Church to become agnostics and atheists (“nones”).

New Senior Apologetics Course

Here we have developed the best rational and scientific evidence for God, Jesus, the Church, and her moral teaching which will be put into a full senior-year program with USCCB approval. In our current beta tests sites, this course is having a significant—even a profound—positive effect on the faith lives of our students. To see the students’ comments on the course, click here. This program will be distributed to schools throughout the United States next year.

New Middle School Modules 

These new Modules are a response to the CARA study, which shows the median age of young people who leave the faith is 13. We are working with a pilot group of middle school religion and science teachers to accomplish the production of the Modules. If it has the same results as the high school programs, it will be very effective. 

Video Series for Confirmation and Catechetical Classes 

Confirmation and catechetical classes present the challenge of a relatively small number of student contact hours. Nevertheless, this large population of our Catholic students (most of whom go to public schools) cannot be overlooked! We are working with catechetical experts and faith formation directors to put together a shortened video series that will expose students to essential evidence to help them maintain their faith. 

Thank you for your Generosity

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