What Are the '7 Essential Modules'?

What Are the '7 Essential Modules'?

Teachers, catechists, and parents are searching for trustworthy resources to help answer students' challenging questions on faith. The 7 Essential Modules, apologetics for teens, provide concrete answers to students’ most common questions on faith!

The 7 Essential Modules are PowerPoint presentations that can be downloaded or streamed as full presentations or as short videos. Though they cover complex topics, they are written using language middle school and high school students can understand. Adult students and other devoted Catholics are also drawn to this much needed apologetical material, despite its lack of presence in catechesis over the years. 

The 7 Essential Modules cover the following topics:

  1. Evidence of a Soul from Medical Studies 
  2. Evidence of God’s Existence from Science
  3. Proof of God’s Existence from Philosophy
  4. Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection and Divinity
  5. Why be Catholic?
  6. True Happiness
  7. Why Would an All-Loving God Allow Suffering?

Response from Teens 

You might be wondering if students are even open to learning apologetical content. In 2018 and 2020, 97% of students surveyed said that Credible Catholic’s 7 Essential Modules positively or very positively impacted their faith. Click here to read their testimonies!

True to the Church’s Teachings

The 7 Essentials Modules are peer-reviewed and created from Father Spitzer’s other publications (see the Magis Center Store) that have received the “imprimatur” and “nihil abstat” awards, a “stamp of approval” by the Catholic church. Also, a list of well-respected academics who are experts in their respective fields have peer-reviewed and approved the material. 

The Modules are approved for use by several members of the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) as well as the ICBC (Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference). During prior USCCB annual meetings, Father Spitzer hosted luncheons where the 7 Essentials material was presented and offered to Catholic schools and parish religious education programs.

To learn if your Archdiocese/Diocese has schools or parishes using the 7 Essential Modules, reach out to the Office of Catholic Schools or Parish Director of Religious education in your diocese. 

How to Access and Use the 7 Essential Modules 

The Credible Catholic website offers the Modules at no cost—plus supplemental materials! Note that the presentations and guides listed below have two options: ages 12+ or ages 15+.

Presentation Slides and Videos

The modules explained above can be viewed or downloaded here. You can watch the modules on your own or with a group/study. These slides have also been translated to Spanish here.

Study Guide

Get the most out of the modules with the free study guide! Complete with activities, scripture readings, and more, the study guides also include a copy of the slides (in word format). Download the study guide here.

The Big Book and Little Book

These books dive deeper into the content presented in the modules. The Big Book is the foundation of the entire Credible Catholic series of products. It is presented in 20 volumes that follow the four parts of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Little Book contains the same information as the Big Book but in less detail.

Online Student Course

There’s also a new “Online Student Course” offered at no cost in Credible Catholic’s new online learning platform! Teachers and Youth Ministers can click here to request “Admin” access to the online platform to track student progress. Teachers and students can click here to register today!

Presentation Guides (for Teachers)

To assist you in teaching the 7 Essential Modules, download the free presentation guides for students. From preparation tips to comprehension questions, these manuals will help you and your 15+ students get the most out of the 7 Essential Modules. Click here to access the presentation guides and begin teaching!

More for Those Teaching the 7 Essential Modules

Throughout the last few years, teachers, catechists and parents in the US and beyond have explained the challenging questions and situations they face with today’s students. In order to address their expressed need for training in apologetics, Credible Catholic created the Master Teacher Program, which launched this past February.

Within the Master Teacher Program, Credible Catholic offers a Certificate in Contemporary Apologetics to help teachers prepare to integrate the 7 Essentials in religious education programs. The certificate can be taken to your diocese, school, or parish for catechetical renewal, training, or continuing education hours. The certificate can also be taken to Catholic Distance University (CDU) for continuing education. Learn more here.

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