This Christmas, Give the Gift of $29 Apologetics Courses

This Christmas, Give the Gift of $29 Apologetics Courses

In this season of giving, while holiday sales lure us into filling our online carts with “things,” too often what we give and receive has nothing to do with that first Christmas in Bethlehem. What if the gifts we give this year could actually help our world heed the Advent proclamation: “Prepare the way of the Lord”—not only in this season, but all year long? 

Apologetics Courses: a Meaningful Gift for All on Your List 

As part of our Master Teacher Program, Credible Catholic offers $29 adult classes on a wide range of topics such as "Evidence of a Transphysical Soul" and "Making Sense Out of Suffering.” Whether those on your Christmas list are believers, doubters, or seekers, here are just a few reasons to gift Credible Catholic’s apologetics courses this season.

To purchase an apologetics course and instructions on how to gift it, click here. 

A Gift that Gives Answers

Over the years, Credible Catholic has received thousands of requests regarding questions on faith. These questions include "Does God exist?" "Did humans come from chimpanzees?"  "Does Science Disprove God?" and "Do I Really Need a Church to be Happy?" In an effort to address these questions, we’ve created forums facilitated by experts in the fields of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, geology, education, psychology, and religious studies. With these forums, you can give the gift of collaboration and credible answers to some of life and faith’s hardest questions.  

A Gift that Gives Meaning to Life 

In a society where depression and anxiety are more prevalent than ever, people are seeking purpose. Youth especially are struck by what Magis Center article describes as a “culture of meh.” The article points out that in this post-enlightenment, tech savvy culture, “all we are encouraged to care for is the cubicle of our own comforts. There’s no larger, harmonious plan. There’s no transcendent purpose to a human life, no ultimate destination, and certainly no solid ground of objective truth wherein we could cry out from our individual little boat.” Through materials such as those provided in Master Teacher Program’s apologetics courses, Credible Catholic is turning the tide of apathy with ground-breaking evidence for a transphysical soul and ultimate happiness and fulfillment in the love of a Creator, that is, God.

A Gift that’s Part of a Bigger Mission

Today, 42% of young people are leaving the Church to become agnostic and atheists. With up-to-date research and technology, the Credible Catholic's apologetics courses give those you love the ability to give credible answers to their own and other’s current challenges to the Faith. Be part of the mission of bringing our young people back to church, where they can experience the love of God and community once again and discover their ultimate purpose, eternal life with God in heaven. 

How to Purchase Credible Catholic’s Apologetics Courses: 

Through the Master Teacher Program, Credible Catholic offers Individual Courses for $29. 

To gift a course:

  • Go to
  • When the "Register for Account" page appears, enter the recipient's email address as the "username."
  • Create a password such as "giftfromdad2021!"
  • When you give the course, provide the recipient with the registered username and password (which he or she can later update in "account settings"). Also, note that the recipient will get a login email from with login instructions as soon as the gift is purchased. 

Click here to find a list of courses offered and to purchase an apologetics course(s) this holiday season.