How to Incorporate the '7 Essentials Modules' into Your Lent

How to Incorporate the '7 Essentials Modules' into Your Lent

Lent is the time in which the Church prepares to celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection at Easter. The goal of the 6.5 weeks of Lent is an inner conversion of heart, and we do this by seeking the Lord through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. 

This Lent, consider supplementing your lenten prayer with Credible Catholic’s 7 Essential Modules. This free 7-part series answers the challenging questions that come to us in today’s culture. 

Based on Fr. Spitzer’s writings, Credible Catholic created the 7 Essential Modules for teachers, catechists, and parents, but we’ve found that they appeal to any audience with questions about the soul, God, Jesus, and the Church. 


The 7 Essential Modules cover the following topics: 

  1. Evidence of a Soul from Medical Studies 
  2. Evidence of God’s Existence from Science
  3. Proof of God’s Existence from Philosophy
  4. Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection and Divinity
  5. Why be Catholic?
  6. True Happiness
  7. Why Would an All-Loving God Allow Suffering?

Just think about how knowledge of these topics could strengthen your faith and the faith of those you love!

How to Use the 7 Essential Modules in Lent

Lent lasts for one half-week followed by six full weeks. We suggest watching one Module a week (the first week being the half-week with Ash Wednesday), but saving Module 4 (“Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection and Divinity”) for the last week of lent. Or, if you opt to begin the Modules on the first week of Lent, use Easter week to watch Module 4. What a great time of the year to learn about the historicity of Jesus’ Resurrection!  

Choose to stream or download the 7 Essential Modules on the Credible Catholic website in the tab “Free Resources” (Spanish translations are available as well!). There are two versions of each module—ages 12+ and ages 15+. The versions contain the same content yet cater to different age groups. Both are excellent and can be appreciated by teens and adults alike.


Group Study

Are there people in your life who are unaware of the extensive and credible evidence for God, the soul, and the divinity of Jesus Christ? Rather than watching the Modules on your own, watch them together as a group/study. 

By going through the myth-busting PowerPoint presentations and videos, you can strengthen your own faith and the faith of those you love. We are also certain that it will only take trying one Module to be hooked on the remaining six.

Start watching the 7 Essential Modules today at!

May God Bless your Lent and may your mind be illuminated by truth!